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22 life lessons we can learn from Christmas films & holiday movies

Christmas movies & holiday movies can teach us how to enjoy more happiness all year round, even if they are a bit cheesy! Here are some festive life lessons from some of our holiday favourites!


“The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!” – Stop caring so much about how you think you sound, if you want to sing, then sing! Singing helps raise endorphins and spread joy, so get those vocal chords warmed up!

Don’t be afraid to be you – Buddy the Elf was a human ‘elf’ and yet even when he found out, he carried on being himself and screw anyone who told him otherwise! Buddy has it sorted. Be more like Buddy.


Always keep an umbrella in your car – I mean, come on, it’s just sensible right? And if you watch the movie, this makes a lot of sense 😉

It’s OK to celebrate Christmas, or NOT celebrate Christmas, how you want to, but it’s NOT OK to be a dick about it – I think this just about says it all!


“Seeing isn’t believing. Believing is seeing.” – You shouldn’t have to be able to see something to believe in it. Faith, whether that is faith in a religion, faith in your work, your family, your friends or faith yourself, believe it, even when you can’t see (or feel) it.

Go with the flow – Sometimes it’s good to just go with the flow and forget the plan. Life takes us on a twisty path sometimes, embrace the twists!


People can change – leopards can change their spots but they need support to do so. Maybe someone you know deserves a second chance?

Come to terms with your past – If you keep looking at what you have done and what has happened in the past, you’ll never see all the positive things you can do in the future.


Tell people how you feel – Get up the courage to tell people how you feel, be strong, you’ve got this. Tell someone right now that you love them. Go on 😉

Dance like no one is watching – Sometimes we just need to shake our ‘thang’ right? Dance like no one is watching and release all your tension!

Love has no boundaries – not time, distance or even language. Love who you want to love and be in love with the feeling of being in love.


Never let a relationship with someone else define your own happiness – Your happiness is important, don’t let anyone make you feel like you shouldn’t be happy.

Love has a habit of being where you least expect it – It could be just around the corner or right in front of you…

Don’t wait for someone to treat you how you should be treated – Some people are just users and abusers and you dear reader should be treated in a way that makes you feel like a King or Queen.


Sometimes traditions should be changed – Do you even know why your family does the same traditions it always does? Do you agree with them? Do you even like them? Is it time you made your own traditions?

Work as a team – Coming together as a team, a family or a community is fabulous, especially for a common cause.


One person can make a difference – Sometimes it just takes one person to make a difference.

Sometimes you need help from others – It’s OK to ask for help, sometimes you just can’t do everything by yourself.


Friends come in all shapes, colours and sizes – Take off the blinkers, friends can be just about anyone.

Step out of your comfort zone – Sometimes you just have to take that one step out of your comfort zone to make something happen.

If you make a mistake, fix it – If something happens and you make a mistake, don’t just sit there and wallow in it, fix it. Even if that means reaching out to someone you haven’t spoken to in a while, or doing something you are worried about doing.

Always believe in yourself – Sometimes it takes real courage to believe in yourself, but you know what? You should. You are amazing.

So next time you watch a cheesy and soppy Christmas film or holiday movie, think about what it’s trying to say 🙂

And with this my lovelies, I would just like to wish you all, a very MERRY CHRISTMAS! Thank you for all the amazing support you have shown me this year, you are all awesome. Shine bright my little stars, shine BRIGHT!

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