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I’ve had the pleasure of working with some amazing brands and shows, here are some of my favourites…

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How one trade show saved my life… literally. Thank you Natural & Organic Products Show.

I look forward to the show as soon as I start to get the emails about it early in the year. However this year was different. This year, the show saved my life.... literally. ...

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Homemade Natural Washing Powder / UK Recipe Laundry Powder

So we decided to make our own homemade washing powder, four years on and we haven't looked back since! There are many recipes out there but most are US based and contain borax (nasty chemical stuff and banned in the UK and the rest of Europe!). Our recipe is the UK version and is fantastic....

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Natural & Organic Products Europe Show 2017 at Excel London

Each year I am honoured to be asked to attend the Natural & Organic Products Europe Show as member of the press. When I first started attending the show, it was held in Olympia and I always felt it was a little cramped but the past few years, since the show has been moved to Excel London, it is by far my …...

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Easy & Quick Pickled Cucumber Recipe – UK recipe for delicious pickled cucumbers!

This easy and quick recipe is a our family recipe and one that is tried and tested. It only takes about 20 minutes to make in total and that is including the sterilising of jars! ...

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Antibacterial & Natural Household Cleaner Recipe UK – Make Your Own Home Cleaning Spray

With 3 asthmatics, 2 eczema sufferers and 1 person allergic to almost everything in our house, it is really important that we use as many natural products as possible. But not only this, we just think is just a better way to live, and it's cheaper too ;)...

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Bombay Potatoes Recipe UK – Tastes Like Indian Restaurant

Tonight, I made my tandoori chicken recipe for dinner, my family always love it especially when I serve it with Bombay potatoes. These soft, buttery, aromatic morsels of potato just make me smile when I eat them and they make your kitchen smell delicious when you cook them! This recipe is easy and quick to make and will save you …...

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