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Want to make a change? Take baby steps…

We have all had that feeling that we need to change. Whether it is change our lifestyle, our habits, how we feel about things, our career, maybe even our living arrangements. And when we get these feelings we usually do one of two things. We either go both feet in and make radical changes or, we don’t do anything at all and stay stagnant.

If we stay in the same old rut and don’t change anything we end up becoming resentful and feel like giving up. “Things will never change”, ” I can’t change”, “I’m too old to change” are all frequent phrases that are said when we are stagnant, but are they phrases or are they excuses?

If you swing the other way and you become all headstrong to the point where we don’t plan anything through, we make rash decisions and possibly even worse, make choices that will not benefit you in the long run, just because you have rushed.

So, if neither is the right approach, how can we move on? How can we change whatever we need to change? The answer, my lovely readers, is with baby steps.

You have made the choice to change. That in itself is huge and I am oh so very proud of you. But before you do anything, spend a day or two just enjoying the freedom of knowing you are going to change and that you are going to plan all the steps out, that each step you make, no matter how small, how baby of a step it will be, will take you in the direction you want to be going in.

You have got this my friend. Baby steps are bigger than you think.

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